The vehicles on which we ride to work, school and university are used as
canvases for corporate entities so they can convince us to buy shit we don’t need. More concerning, is the fact that our children are constantly force fed the messages of corporations who are only concerned with increasing their own profits, not the welfare of our kids. We are told by consuming these products we will be more successful, beautiful, likeable, skinnier, healthier, more popular and generally better people.

We say this is BULLSHIT. We believe it is through better community engagement and co-operation that we can achieve a healthier society – not through individualistic consumerism.

For-profit advertising in public space is inherently undemocratic, as it is only those with large amounts of money who are able to purchase that space. These same corporations greatly influence the way in which our media is run, as it is their ads, and therefore their agenda, which funds our media (tv, radio, newsprint, internet). We see this as a huge conflict of interest.

Even if a group does have the money to purchase advertising space, it can be disallowed for its ‘political’ content. In 2014, ads regarding climate change and corruption were banned at the Brisbane airport during the G20, whilst the Queensland Government’s propaganda claiming the Great Barrier Reef is safe, were allowed. In other words, even money can’t buy you a voice if what you’re saying is in conflict with the agendas of corporations and government.

The for-profit entities that project their images and voices into public space are the same corporations responsible for the displacement of Aboriginal people from their lands, environmental destruction, wage inequality and the corruption of democracy. It is these monolithic companies that are the driving force behind capitalism, an economic system which is based on the exploitation of the many for the benefit of the few.

As citizens we have not consented to having our public space invaded by the advertising of corporate entities interested only in generating profit. Public space, if marked with anything, should be available to the people for community enrichment and the display of arts and culture.

This is an ongoing protest – Every ad taken down makes a difference.



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