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Tram and Train Ads

All advertising on both trams and trains is designed to be easily removed without any tools. This includes both exterior and interior advertising of all kinds – from those whole-tram moving billboards, to the perforated ones that cover the windows, to the interior panels as well as the ones on the backs of seats. They are simply stickers that peel off with very little effort.

Adshel/JCDecaux Boxes

With just two simple keys, most of the advertising boxes at train stations as well as tram and bus stops are easily opened.

One type of advertising boxes will have slots at the very bottom of it, on each side, the middle, or both sides and the middle. Below are photo instructions on how to open these boxes with a simple hook-shaped key.

hooky bit side

middle hook

Another type of advertising boxes that is easy to access will have a hole on its side at the bottom and it is designed to be opened by a 6mm hex security key. Below are detailed instructions:

security alan key

Some boxes may look similar to those, but have a different opening mechanism. If a box has a key hole on the front of it or if it is electronic, you won’t be able to use the instructions above to access it.

If you are having any difficulties, or if you find out how to open any other types of advertising boxes, please let us know!


Wearing Hi-vis is extremely effective camouflage and means most people will be really nice to you while you are doing your thing – including YarraTrams Customer Service workers and tram drivers!

Contact Us and we can send you files with both the “AD HEL” and “TramClean” stencil templates, so you can look professional while taking action!



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